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Hindu Baby Girl Names

Hindu Baby Girl Names Biography
1. abhirAmi -
2. abhyasati shayagyata known only through the strenuous practice of spiritual disciplines
3. abrahmakita janani The generator of all from Brahma down to a worm
4. adhbhuta charitra Whose ways are marvellous
5. adishakti the Adishakti or Primordial Power, which creates every thing and pervades every thing
6. adrushya not an object of ordinary vision
7. agraganya to be recknoned as the First in every-thing
8. agya divine commandments
9. agya chakrantaralstha next abides in the center of the Agya – chakra
10. agya charkabja nilaya The Mother who resides in the agya chakra (which is described as a lotus with two petals)
11. ajaya For whom there is no birth
12. akhilANDa nAyaki -
13. akilANDeshvari -
14. akileshvari -
15. akula also the Akula (Siva) in the thousand-petalled lotus above the Kula Path
16. amabalgopa vidita can be understood by all, even by a child or a cowherd
17. amatir Amiti (Buddhi or knowledge)
18. amba Amba, the mother of all
19. ambika Ambika, the Mother of the Universe, possessing the powers known as Ichha (will), Janana (cognition) and Kriya (action)
20. ameya Whose greatness is immeasurable
21. amRitanAyaki -
22. amRitavalli -
23. amruta karavalli -
24. amrutadi mahashakti samvruta surrounded by sixteen Saktis beginning with Amruta
25. amurta formless also
26. anagha sinless
27. anaha tabjanilaya in the form of the Yogini called Rakini abiding in the Anahata Chakra
28. anakalita sadrushya chubukashri virajita Her chin is peerless in beauty
29. anandakalika the bud of Divine Bliss
30. AnandanAyaki -
31. anandi-nidhana exists without a beginning or an end
32. anarghya kaivalyapada dayini confers the priceless state of ultimate bliss and freedom
33. anavadyangi faultless in every limb
34. anchanaakshi -
35. anekakoti brahmanda janani has given brith to several crores of world systems
36. anityatrupta satisfied even with our perishable offerings
37. ankushadi praharana armed with a goad and other weapons
38. annada supplies food to all
39. antarmukha samaradhya Whose worship is easy for those whose, mental gaze is turned inward
40. anugrahada by Her greacious blessing starts the universe again on the path of evolution from the involved state
41. anuttama has none superior
42. aparna Aparna – the one who did not take even a leaf while performing austerities
43. aprameya the Infinite that is immeasurable
44. arunaruna kausumbha vastrabhasvath katitati wears a garment of deep red round Her hip
45. ashtami chandra vibhraja dalikasthala shobhita Whose forehead shines, arching like the crescent moon of the eighth lunar digit (Ashtami)
46. ashtamurti has an eightfold form
47. ashvarudha dhishtihitashva kotikoti bhiravruta surrounded by a cavalry of several crores of horses under the command of Ashvarudha
48. atma the Self in all
49. atmavidya Atma – vidya, the doctrine of the Self
50. avyaja karunamurti unconditional grace
51. ayoni has no source other than Herself
52. ayyai referred to as Ayi (dear one)
Sanskrit girl names starting with "B"
Sl. No. Name Meaning
53. bahirmukha sudurlabha Whose worship difficult for those whose mental gaze goes outwards
54. bahurupa has taken the form of the many
55. bainda vasana seated in the Bindu, the central dot in the Shri-chakra
56. bala eternally young
57. bAla sundari -
58. bAlambika -
59. balipriya loves the offerings of devotees
60. bandha mochani liberates the Jiva from the bondage of Samsara
61. bandhuka kusumaprakhya has the tender grace of Bandhuka blossoms
62. bandinyadi samanvita surrounded by Bandhini and other five Saktis
63. barbaralaka wavy – haired
64. bhadasainya vadhodyukta shaktivikrama harshita rejoices at the valour of Her Saktis bent on destroying the army of Bhanda
65. bhadasura vadhodyukta shaktisena samanvita Whose command an army of Saktis are intent on destroying Bhadasura (the Asura being Ignorance, Lalitambika, the Atman, and the Saktis, the potencies of the Atman)
66. bhadramurtih the embodiment of auspiciousness
67. bhadrapriya fond of everything auspicious
68. bhagamalini Bhaga-malini excellences (lordliness, righteousness, glory, beauty, omniscience and detachment)
69. bhagaradhya worshipped in the orbit of the Sun
70. bhagavati the Bhagavati or the supreme goddess
71. bhagyabdhi chandrika the full moon that sets up the tides of good fortune
72. bhakta chitta keki ghana ghana heavily water – laden cloud that makes the hearts of devotees dance like peacocks
73. bhakta manasa hamsika the swan sporting in the Manasa lake of Her devotees’ minds
74. bhakta saubhagya dayini grants all-round advancement to devotees, both in the spiritual and the material fields
75. bhaktaharda tamobheda bhanumadh bhanusantatih dispels the darkness of ignorance in the minds of devotees as the sun’s rays dispel the darkness of the world
76. bhaktanidhih a treasure to Her devotees
77. bhakti matkalpalatika verily a Kalpa Taru, the wish-yielding tree of Heaven that grants all the prayers of devotees
78. bhaktigamya attained through true devotion
79. bhaktipriya fond of true devotion
80. bhaktivashya can be won over through true devotion
81. bhalasthendra dwells as the Bindu in the syllable Harim meditated in the forehead
82. bhandaputra vadhodyukta balavikrama nandita overjoyed to see Her daughter Bala intent on slaying the son of Bhanda
83. bhandasurendra nirmukta shastra pratyastra varshini counters by Her own missiles the rain of missiles directed against Her by Bhadnasura
84. bhanumandala madhyastha meditated upon as stationed in the centre of the solar orbd
85. bhariavi Bhariavi, the terror – generating Deity
86. bhasharupa in the form of language
87. bhava dava sudha vrushtih the rain of nectar that puts out the wild fire of Samsara
88. bhavabhava vivarjita beyong being and non–being
89. bhavachakra pravartini has also set in motion the wheel of recurring transmigratory existence
90. bhavagya knows all thoughts and sentiments
91. bhavanagamya realized through devoted meditation
92. bhavanashini frees devotees from involvement in the cycle of births and deaths
93. bhavani Bhavani, the consort of Bhava (Shiva)
94. bhavaranya kutharika verily like an axe for clearing the jungle of Samsara (transmigratory existence) in which the Jiva is caught
95. bhavarogaghni can cure the disease of recurring transmigratory existence
96. bhayapaha dispels all fear
97. bhedanashini destroys the sense of differences
98. bhogini ever full of bliss
99. bhRihannAyaki -
100. bhumarupa Infinite by nature
101. bhuvananAyaki -
102. bhuvaneshvari Bhuvaneshvari the sovereign of the universe
103. bindumandala vasini dwells in the Brahmarandhra of the individual
104. bindutarpana santushta pleased with libations offered to the Bindu (the central dot in the Shri chakra)
105. bisatantu taniyasi as fine and firm as the fibre of a lutus stalk
106. brahmavidyAnAyaki -
107. brahmagrandhi vibhedini in Her ascent from the Muladhara breaks through the Brahma-grandhi (the Barrier of Brahma to the subtle dimension)
108. brahmananda the bliss of Brahman
109. brahmane Herself Brahma
110. brahmani the Shakti of Brahma the Creator
111. brahmani the wisdom of the Eternal
112. brahmarupa has taken the form of Brahma for creation
113. brahmatmaikya svarupini the symbol of the oneness of Brahman and the Atman
114. brahmi belongs to the Eternal
115. brahmopendra mahendradi devasamstuta vaibhava Whose manifold powers (displayed in the fight with Bhanda) are praised by Brahma, Vishnu and Indra
116. bramarAmbika -
117. bruhati the Immense
118. bruhatsena leads a mighty army
119. budharchita worshipped by the wise
Sanskrit girl names starting with "C"
Sl. No. Name Meaning
120. chaitanya kusumapriya loves the flower offerings of the spirit
121. chaitanyarghya samaradhya best worshipped with the offereings of the spirit as Arghya
122. chakraraja niketana has Her abode in Chakra – raja or Shri chakra
123. chakraraja ratharudha sarvayudha parishkruta Seated in Her chariot Chakra raja equipped with armaments of every kind
124. champakashoka punnaga saugandhika lasat kacha Whose shining locks of hair impart their fragrance to flowers like Chamka, Ashoka and Punnaga adorning them
125. champeya kusumapriya fond of the fragrant Champa flowers
126. chanda mundasura nishudini the destroyer of the demons Chanda and Munda, and came to be known as Chamunda for this reason
127. chandahsara the essence of all Vedas
128. chandanadrava dhighangi Whose person is fragrant with the scent of sandal paste
129. chandika the Chandika, the awe – inspiring one
130. chandramandala madhyaga stationed in the centre of the moon (the pericap of the Sahasrara)
131. chandranibha shines as the Moon in the pericap of the Sahasrara lotus
132. chandravidya the subject of Chandravidya (the same Srividya as practiced by Chandra, one of the twelve authorities)
133. charachara jagannatha the queen ruling over all beings sentient and insentient
134. charuchandra kaladhara has the comely crescent moon in Her crown
135. charuhasa Whose smile is charming
136. charurupa Whose form is exquisite
137. chaturanga baleshvari commands armies well – equipped in all the four arms
138. chaturbahu samanvita Four-armed Divinity
139. chaturvaktra manohara fascinating with Her four faces
140. chatushshashti kalamayi embodies the sixty four forms of fine arts
141. chatushshashtih yupachardhya worshipped with sixty four ingredients (Upacharas)
142. chetanarupa pure consciousness itself
143. chidagni kundasambhuta came out of the fire of Pure Consciousness
144. chideka rasarupini of the nature of Pure Consciosuness
145. chinmayi Pure Consciousness
146. chintamani gruhantastha Whose abode is Manidvipa the Island of Wish-yielding Gem
147. chintyarupa transcends all thought
148. chischaktish the Power of Consciousness
149. chiti Citi, the independent power that sustains every thing
150. chitkala a spark of Divine Consciousness (Chitkala)
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Sanskrit girl names starting with "D"
Sl. No. Name Meaning
151. dadhyannasakta hrudaya loves to have offerings of curd
152. dadimi kusumaprabha shines like a pomegranate flower
153. daharakasha rupini the subtle Self in the heart of man
154. daityahantri destroys demons who embody the forces of evil
155. daityashamani quells evil forces
156. dakinishvari the Divine Ruler Dakini
157. daksha-yagya vinashini destroyed the sacrifice of Daksha
158. dakshayani manifested as the daughter of Daksha
159. dakshina dakshinaradhya worshipped according to both the Dakshinacara and its opposite, by the learned and the unlearned
160. dakshinamurti rupini has taken the form of Dakshinamurti
161. damaryadi bhiravruta surrounded by ten Sankits beginning with Damari
162. damshtrojvala has shining face
163. dandanitishtha sits on the throne of justice
164. darahaso jvalanmukhi Whose face is lit with a gentle smile
165. darandolita dirghakshi has shapely, wide and elongated eyes tremulous with mercy
166. darasmera mukhambuja Whose smiling face gladdens all
167. dasha mudra samaradhya worshipped through the ten Mudras or signs and poses of the hands and fingers in worship
168. daurbhagya tula vatula the wind that drives away the flakes of misfortune
169. dayamurtih compassion itself
170. deshakala parichhinna not limited by space and time
171. devakarya samudyata promotes the cause of Divine forces
172. devarshi ganasanghata stuyamanatma vaibhava Whose majesty is the subject of praise of hosts of sages and divine beings
173. deveshi the ruler of all divinities
174. dhanadhanya vivardhini increases riches and harvests
175. dhanadhyaksha controls all riches
176. dhanuhprabha shines in the colours of the rainbow
177. dhanya supremely blessed
178. dhara earth on which all beings rest
179. dharasuta the daughter of Himavan, the king of mountains
180. dhAriNi -
181. dharma vardhini promotes righteousness in devotees
182. dharmadhara the support of Dharma
183. dharmadharma vivarjita transcends both good and evil
184. dharmavarddhani -
185. dharmini righteous
186. dhayApari -
187. dhira endowed with wisdom
188. dhira samarchita worshipped by the wise with care and completeness
189. dhrutih fortitude (Dhruti) and is also worshipped as the deity Dhruti
190. dhyana dhyatru dhyeyarupa meditation, the person meditating and the object meditated upon
191. dhyana gamya can be approached through meditation
192. dikshita under a holy vow
193. divya gandhadhya full of divine fragrance
194. divya vigraha has Divine form
195. dosha varjita free from all evil
196. drushyarahita beyond objectivity
197. duhkhahantri puts an end to sorrow
198. durachara shamani puts an end to evil ways
199. duradharsha hard to resist
200. duraradhya hard to worship by those having no control over the senses
201. durga difficult of access
202. durgama hard to approach
203. durlabha difficult to attain
204. dushtadura far away for the wicked
205. dvaita varjita without any duality
206. dvijabrunda nishevita adored by holymen at the Sandhya worship
207. dyutidhara full of splendour
Hindu Baby Girl Names
Hindu Baby Girl Names
Hindu Baby Girl Names
Hindu Baby Girl Names
Hindu Baby Girl Names
Hindu Baby Girl Names
Hindu Baby Girl Names
Hindu Baby Girl Names
Hindu Baby Girl Names
Hindu Baby Girl Names
Hindu Baby Girl Names 

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